An organisation that solely depends on the sale of alcohol may suffer from the suspension of a personal licence, also known as an alcohol personal licence, but so may the patrons of such a place.

A personal licence is meant to guarantee that anyone operating or overseeing a company that provides or sells alcohol will do it competently. However, owners of personal licences risk having their licences cancelled for up to six months if it is discovered that they are not adhering to the requirements that are listed below.

With employees who depend on wages not being paid, that equates to lost revenue for six months. This may negatively affect sales and profits and harm your standing with employees and clients. Additionally, since a new alcohol personal licence training online must be applied for, it can add needless administrative work for the licence holder.

Previously, the criminal courts had the authority to suspend a personal licence because they were responsible for making decisions about the licence’s future at the time of sentence. However, if a holder is found guilty of a relevant offence, local licencing authorities can suspend or revoke a personal licence.

The Licensing Act 2003 has a complete list of these infractions. These offences cover a wide range, from handling stolen property to possessing a restricted substance to resell it. They are designed to guarantee that the licence holder is an accountable law-abiding citizen.

Reasons to Get Your Licence Revoked

 Your licence will be taken away if you: 

  • fail to meet the requirements you stated you met on your application.
  • used false documentation or an alias, 
  • allowed another person to use your licence to engage in licensable behaviour, received a sentence or disposal for a relevant offence, 
  • the date your sentence restrictions end puts you in the “Automatic Refusal” category of our licence criteria.
  • are not authorised to work in the United Kingdom (unless you are a director of a UK-registered company)
  • violate the licencing requirements
  • We determine that you are not a fit and proper person to hold a licence if you violate any of the licence conditions, including any additional conditions we have imposed on your licence,
  • fail to complete the training we require of you, 
  • receive a sentence or disposition for a relevant offence, and the date your sentence restrictions end puts you in the “Consider Additional Factors” category of our licence criteria.
  • We determine that you are not qualified to have a licence.